Month: March 2019

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How To Choose The Right Printer

How To Choose The Right Printer

Acquiring the right printer for office duties or just for use at home is not just that simple. You need to really think and consider a number of factors which if ignored; you might end up frustrating yourself. This majorly happens because we have so many brands which confuses sometimes. But you need to worry no more as the steps/tips below will help you acquire the right document printing machine.

  1. Determine and understand the operating system you have.

Remember we have certain printers that do not support given operating g systems. For example Lexmark printers don’t support Linux.

  1. Know the kind of printer you need and the features/factors to consider.

Do you just need a printer for black and white copies or one that prints faster? In case you need one for office work, you should consider a laser printer.  There are certain features or factors you should also consider before settling on a printer. These include;

  • Can the printer scan?
  • Does it have the ability to read memory cards and print directly?
  • Is the printer wireless?
  • Check on the resolution of the printer. The best is one of higher resolution since it’s able to print lots of graphics, photos and presentations.
  • What is the speed of the printer? You need a printer that can do large number black and white documents.
  • Quality of the photos
  • Operation cost like for replacing cartridges and toner once they run out.
  • Comparability of the printer
  • Is the printer network enabled?
  • How fast can it process images?
  • The ease of use
  • Warranty
  1. What do you need the printer to do?

This is an important question you need to ask yourself. Do you need one document printing occasionally, maybe from the internet or to simply print spreadsheets, something which laser printer or low end inkjet can handle?

Is it for high quality photographs or presentation where you need something like a photo printer? How many copies are you looking forward to produce daily, where a faster laser jet can work well producing more than 100 copies in black and white?

In case it is for business, you would probably need a multi-functional printer having a combination of copier, printer, scanner and a fax machine.

  1. Your budget

How much are you willing to spend in comparison to the kind of printer you would wish to have?  Is the printer matching your budget able to meet your goals? If not, you should consider making an adjustment in order to have something of good quality.

  1. Compare the cost

Do a market survey to determine the cost of the printer you have settled on. You can do a review on different sites in the internet like who are online vendor, magazines or large shops around you. It’s always good to visit the shop and have a look at the printer you have finally chosen to know the size, have it tested and get to know how you can connect it to your existing operating system.

Once you have fully followed the guide above and purchased the right printer. Have it delivered to your office or home and begin the work. Am sure you will never regret committed your resources.